Laboratory2018-10-11T19:47:52+00:00 SA laboratory SA, a laboratory located in the heart of the Olympic capital, Lausanne in western Switzerland,
designs and markets non-invasive approaches to monitoring and diagnosing the health status in humans.

For 10 years SA has been collecting information on the body surface of thousands of individuals, including elite athletes. SA is now revolutionizing the connected health world with

inCORPUS® : an intelligent interface between your mental state,
your various lifestyles, your coach and your doctor, comprising a full healthcare ecosystem.

inCORPUS® is the first predictive analysis system to measure cardiac frequency variability. It integrates both time and frequential analysis.

It monitors the activity of the autonomic nervous system non-invasively.

inCORPUS® : a user-friendly interface combined with a powerful mathematical model based on proprietary algorithms… made in Switzerland.