Our story

The inCORPUS®’ technology was born out of our frustration: not to be able to have a sensor able to alert us at any moment of either a slight decrease in our form or a risk of developing a disease. Not being sick does not equal being in good shape. It does not take much to avoid the worst. Knowing is key to prevent and heal.

It all started at the top of mount Ratna Chuli in Himalaya at 7128 meters of altitude. Fond of mountaineering & technology, Laurence Besse and famous doctor Emmanuel Cauchy – founder of IFREMONT Institute – built there an idea of e-health app available for all. Once back from their expedition, they convinced Professor Grégoire Millet and doctor Laurent Schmitt to partner up with them and they founded be.care SA on one scientific observation: the heart rate variability is an easily accessible, under-exploited, objective indicator of our energy.

After spending hundreds of hours analyzing and experimenting the inefficient, invasive and user-hostile market’s solution, we thought to ourselves: ”there has to be a better way”.

inCORPUS®’ is that better way.

Professor Grégoire Millet and doctor Laurent Schmitt, renowned experts in performance science, have published more than 20 years’ worth of research and observations on the HRV analysis in the monitoring of elite athletes.


Experienced mountaineer, without whom nothing would have been possible ・ Eclectic entrepreneur, has participated in and contributed to the emergence of several start-ups in the world of health ・ President of the Board of Directors of be.care S.A, she leads the inCORPUS® adventure


Emergency doctor known as "Doctor Vertical", Dr Emmanuel Cauchy, was a frostbite expert who had treated top climbers. He founded the IFREMMONT training institute to teach mountain emergency doctors and the Mountain Telemedicine company ALTIDOC. He was an experienced mountain guide, author of several books including '1000 secours en montagne (1000 Mountain Rescues)'. He died in a French Alps avalanche in April 2018


Doctor in Physiology ・ French Champion Triathlete ・ Professor Researcher at the Institute of Sports Sciences, UNIL, University of Lausanne in Switzerland ・ Specialist in Sports Performance ・ He spent 4 years in Qatar as Senior Physiologist at the ASPIRE Institute dedicated to Sport ・ Recognized as one of the world's leading experts in altitude exercise, he is a scientific advisor in several sports at the international level (Triathlon, Mountain Bike, Football, Rugby) ・ Author of several books on sport and training


Doctor in Biology ・ Head of the Performance, Expertise and Research Department at the National School of Mountain Sports, French National Centre for Nordic and Medium Mountain Skiing ・ Associate Researcher at the Sports Science Laboratory, UNIL, University of Lausanne in Switzerland ・ Member of the Sports and Scientific Department of the French Ski Federation. Scientific adviser 'Hypoxia training' at the French Tennis Federation

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Our investors

inCORPUS® technology is developed by be.care S.A, which is backed by some of the most influential private investors in Switzerland, a country which has a very strong economy with high growth levels. Its political stability, predictable economic policies and efficient capital markets are an important factor in this. In addition, Switzerland has a highly educated work force: universities and science institutes such as the ETH Zurich and EPFL in Lausanne rank among the world’s best.

The health care sector is a prominent part of the Swiss economy with a dynamic developing startup landscape in the digital health sector, in particular in the “data health” and “tech health” segments. The COVID 19 pandemic is likely to accelerate this trend even more.

Our company is headquartered in Renens, close to Lausanne the Olympics capital, in the center of the Health Valley chosen for its high concentration of renowned experts, a community combining key actors from industry and academia. Switzerland’s Health Valley is a world-class cluster of e-health companies, research centers and innovation support structures, regrouping over 25’000 employees in the Lake Geneva region of Switzerland.

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Our mission

Make a cutting-edge technology originally developed for elite athletes - professional football, rugby and basketball players - available for all. Our next step will be to include inCORPUS®’ in commercialy available smartwatches in order to provide everyone with their energy state, bespoke recommendations and warn them on potential health risks.

Technology is playing a pivotal role in helping people and societies respond, recover, and thrive in the COVID-hit world. The increasing importance of capturing reliable real-time data and acting upon the insights is driving focus on inCORPUS®.

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Our team

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James B. Bissel
EVP US operations
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Benoit Mariani
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Nicolas Bourdillon
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Madeline Trousseau
Executive Sales Coordinator
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David Barriac
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Samuel Vermeersch
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Magdalena Piccoli Gajek
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Danny Albuquerque
Mobile Developer
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Anthony Lahlah
Frontend Developer
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Philippe Spat
Backend developer
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Isan Strazimiri


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We make Authenticity one of our core values: inCORPUS® has built-in data authenticity. Thanks to modern business intelligence, individuals, sport enthusiasts and professional sports teams are inching closer and closer to understanding the value of data-driven decision-making across all their roles.

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We work vigorously to understand your needs and clearly define the problem we are solving for all of you.

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Your privacy is our priority because we believe you must feel confident about how we manage your personal information. We aim to be as transparent as possible about the personal data we collect when we provide our services, about how we use it, and about who we share it with.

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Be impatient

Speed is a competitive advantage. We ship products incrementally and are committed to be the first to market.