Message from the President

A word from Laurence Besse
President of the Board of Directors and co-founder

«Mens sana in corpore sano»

How we would have liked to been present at the birth of this quote which illustrates with such depth and accuracy the unifying ambition of the co-founders of our start-up. As women and men of conviction, we have always strived for excellence and risen to meet the challenges before us. Our dream is that our inCORPUS® technology be adopted by all actors in economic life - not only within all institutions and large, medium and small companies, but also taught to every schoolchild throughout the world, so that from a very young age everyone could become responsible and proactive toward their own health.

Because our technology has a much broader scope than just top-level sport, it can have a more global and positive impact on all human activities, both in the personal and professional life of each individual. Our daily lives subject us to multi-factorial stress and generate fatigue. Stress and fatigue generate loss of fitness, ailments and illnesses that have consequences on the quality and duration of our lives. inCORPUS® is a tool that can help us to take charge of our health: it allows us to instantly assess our state of fitness, anticipate our risks of burn-out and offers solutions to get back into good physiological shape. Thanks to inCORPUS®, it is within our individual reach to become aware that we ourselves can change and take action.

We have a great team, committed to a unifying project that has meaning for every human being. I am very fortunate to be at the heart of this human adventure and I would like to take advantage of this brief opportunity to underline how crucial our investor's trust has been - this trust is at the heart of inCORPUS® and we do not forget it. Each of our employees works in the general interest, and I have no doubt that our collective efforts will bear fruit beyond our individual inspirations as the power of the collective is our greatest strength.

My quest for absoluteness has pushed me to climb among the highest peaks in the world, testing my limits in learning humility because the High Mountain teaches us to understand and accept the laws of nature. Alongside experienced mountaineers, I came to learn much about myself and to understand that my motivation, my main driving force, was to serve by contributing through my actions to improve the well-being of all.

I would like to conclude this message by invoking the memory of Dr. Emmanuel Cauchy who passed away prematurely in the mountains in 2018. Co-founder of SA, he was at our side from day one. A forerunner in high mountain emergency medicine, the one we affectionately called "the vertical doctor" is missing from our entire team - he will remain forever in the DNA of inCORPUS®.

Who is Laurence Besse?

An experienced mountaineer, without whom SA would not exist today, Laurence Besse is an eclectic entrepreneur, mother of two daughters, who built herself to co-found and preside over a start-up in e-health in Lausanne, surrounded by the best scientific and sports experts. Laurence Besse is skilled in the art of the Collective - she knows how to rally talents around a cooperative project.

At the age of 40, after having successfully immersed herself in the world of commodity finance in her early years of professional life, she has set herself a personal challenge: to reach the highest peaks. The high mountains became her playground for many years, climbing several high peaks including those of 7000 meters alongside experienced mountaineers, taking part in several expeditions and treks in Nepal, India, Pakistan and South America, climbing the ice cascade.

She has participated in several projects in the health sector and in particular developed the innovative concept of low cost cosmetic surgery in Geneva called Easy Look. She specialized in Health Communication by contributing to the conceptualization of an innovative idea for a Medical Family Office supported by a start-up comprised of Swiss doctors. She supervised the creation of the plastic and aesthetic surgery centee La Colline in Geneva for Dr. Gàbor Varadi.

Laurence Besse is a woman of projects, committed and driven by the sole will to act, create and share. She never gives up, always seeking solutions as every problem has a multitude of answers.

The founders

A woman and three men, four mountain enthusiasts, united by a quest for well-being, performance and wide open spaces, have come together to create S.A and develop inCORPUS®.

Laurence Besse

Laurence Besse

Experienced mountaineer, without whom nothing would have been possible ・ Eclectic entrepreneur, has participated in and contributed to the emergence of several start-ups in the world of health ・ President of the Board of Directors of S.A, she leads the inCORPUS® adventure

Emmanuel Cauchy

Emmanuel Cauchy

Emergency doctor ・ Founder of the mountain medicine training and research institute IFREMMONT ・ Founder of the mountain telemedicine society ALTIDOC ・ High mountain guide and experienced mountaineer ・ Author of several books including '1000 secours en montagne (1000 Mountain Rescues)'.

Laurent Schmitt, PhD

Laurent Schmitt, PhD

Doctor in Biology ・ Head of the Performance, Expertise and Research Department at the National School of Mountain Sports, French National Centre for Nordic and Medium Mountain Skiing ・ Associate Researcher at the Sports Science Laboratory, UNIL, University of Lausanne in Switzerland ・ Member of the Sports and Scientific Department of the French Ski Federation. Scientific adviser 'Hypoxia training' at the French Tennis Federation.

Grégoire Millet, PhD

Grégoire Millet, PhD

French Champion Triathlete ・ Professor Researcher in Physiology at the Institute of Sports Sciences in Lausanne, Switzerland ・ Specialist in Sports Performance ・ He spent 4 years in Qatar as Senior Physiologist at the ASPIRE Institute dedicated to Sport ・ Recognized as one of the world's leading experts in altitude exercise, he is a scientific advisor in several sports at the international level (Triathlon, Mountain Bike, Football, Rugby) ・ Author of several books on sport and training