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Born in 1961, UNFP (Union Nationale des Footballeurs Professionnels) is the syndicate for Male and Female Professional Soccer players in France. Its mission is to defend the rights and interest across all their careers.

Since 1990, UNFP organize every summer a training camp for all free players. They can continue to train in the best conditions in order to prepare the start of next season and get back to a club rapidly. UNFP provides professional staff and infrastructures of high standard. Players also get to play a series of Games against French Ligue 1, Ligue 2, and National. About 80% of players who have been through the UNFP FC find a new club in average over the last 5 seasons.

Testimonial from Coach Patrice Beaumelle

Data is now essential, as many clubs recruit players based on their datas. But people need to ensure the reliability and quality of those data. I’ve got to use the inCORPUS® tool for the 6 weeks spent with UNFP FC, and was able to see and enjoy its benefits in daily training routine. 

I’ve been using Hooper and RPEs for more than 10 years, as well as GPS and drone. inCORPUS® is a complementary measure which confirm or infirm some of the subjective results such as hooper and RPE scores. 

This peace of data has a real interest to understand the player’s form and its punctual fatigue, but also to monitor longitudinal fatigue of each player toward competition.

I truely believe this tool should by used by every single player, being young or experienced, injured or healthy, to know his actual status of fatigue.

It seems to me very relevant to cross those data with subjective tests (hooper, RPE) as well as with GPS data from fitness coaches. It is also really important to establish constant communication between players and staff.

The benefit is to prepare each player for competition in order to be performant over time. I recommend induvial usage of inCORPUS®, toward a “supervised” autonomy of the player.

I would like to add that the benefit of inCORPU® is to allow to adapt and personalize training to optimize players progression. Coupled with motor preferences of each individual, we can assess the impact of each exercize.

Testimonial from Fitness Trainer Olivier Guillier:

During those 5 weeks using inCORPUS®, I got to :

  • Know the fatigue status (e.g. inCORPUS® profile) of each player at any given moment

  • Adapt / modify training content according to the result

  • Understand individual response of each exercise on players

  • Teach the players to listen to their body

  • Challenge the subjective feeling against the objective data

  • Explain to the players the impact of recovery strategies (Balnéo, massage...)

Usage for a typical week, with a match game on Friday was:

  • Check-up on Monday, to ensure a good recovery from last game and adapt Monday and Tuesday training sessions.

  • Checkup on Thursday (1 day prior to game), to see how the player has absorbed the training load.

The inCORPUS® team warmly thanks UNFP for their trust and sharing their experience!

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Note: this article was translated in English by the be.care SA Team, you can refer to the original testimonials in the French version of this article

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