What is your background?

I am 37y old French citizen, father of 2, engineer and scientist by education and now tech entrepreneur in Switzerland for nearly 15 years. I founded my first company (Gait Up) as the continuation of my PhD work in EFPL. We bootstrapped the business from a tech prototype to a leading wearable motion sensing platform used by 400 clients worldwide ranging from big Pharma, Hospitals, to Consumer electronics providers, generating multi-million revenues. We made a strategic exit to MindMaze, a leading neurotech unicorn in 2018. Since then, I have been involved in a number of new ventures in the sport and health tech domains as an investor or board member. In 2020 I joined inCORPUS® as CTO to drive the product development for top football clubs and have successfully scaled the solution and team. The board, and the shareholders are now trusting me to (1) deliver one of the biggest contracts in elite sports that will extend the reach of CORPUS® globally and (2) raise a Series A funding round to bring in the first external investors to support the scaling of the business.

What do you find compelling in inCORPUS®?

inCORPUS® redefines the connection to your body and its internal load, starting from your heartbeats. Having spent 15+ years in the health and wellness data space, networking and attending the best scientific and tech conferences, I have seen many wearables and apps that were successful in raising money but are unlikely to positively impact people’s health and performance in a sustainable way. Much of this is due to high complexity preventing adoption or extravagant claims that do not have solid scientific base. On the tech side, inCORPUS® has the scientific credibility and a robust algorithm which already analyzed more than 80’000 checkups, and the product is very simple and intuitive. Everyone feels tired leading to poor performance and potentially injury and can benefit from inCORPUS®’ systematic fatigue/vitality measurement, diagnosis, forecast and remediation. What excites me in particular is that thanks to its SaaS model, inCORPUS® doesn’t require specific hardware to work with any consumer device without compromising the quality of the results. It has the capacity to scale rapidly, and benefit people immediately. This has been exhaustively scientifically tested and demonstrated with athletes, Olympians and professional players using it regularly as a core part of their performance regime. Our goal is to bring the benefit of these elite tools to a wider audience of any sport and wellness enthusiast.

Are you an athlete yourself?

I practiced Track and Field at National French level in the young categories but now spend my free time in the outdoors in our beautiful Alpine region. I enjoy all form of rock and ice climbing and Alpinism, from skiing up to Mont-Blanc in a day to climbing difficult granite needles in the Chamonix range where I live. Spending time in the mountains teaches humility and resilience, and always require pushing yourself out of comfort zone. I believe those skills are also important for entrepreneurship, and understanding your body is critical to make the correct decisions. inCORPUS® enables this without expensive invasive testing. As an anecdote, for my first day as CEO I tested myself and saw I was in “optimal” shape to embrace the new challenge!

What’s next for inCORPUS®?

Thanks to the experience we have gathered through working with some of the most prestigious football teams in the world and their star players, we’ve been working on a massive and transformative deal for the industry which we will be announcing in the coming weeks. We are also going back to our roots in a wide range of professional sports such as cycling, skiing, athletics, rowing, basketball with new attractive offers for pro athletes and fitness/rehab centers. Finally, we are raising a Series A round to support this growth and make inCORPUS® a true global brand available to all athletes and health-conscious consumers.

And for the industry?

I firmly believe that technology such ours merging strong science, data, and AI, will not only disrupt the sports wearable space but more importantly has the potential to shape the future of consumer health and wellness market. inCORPUS® will redefine the approach of mental and physical stress and induce the necessary behavioral changes for a more conscious and healthy living.

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