Who are you?

"I am Alice Modolo, dental surgeon and freediving champion. I became the first French woman to break the mythical -100m deep bareer, and the 8th in the world; I broke the world record in bi-fins, and obtained more than 25 french records."

What do you find interesting with inCORPUS® ?

"Thanks to my scientific background, I was not paying attention to those kind of stuff when I started freediving. At that time I didn't want scientific data to interfer with my feelings. I didn't want any limitation nor guidance into my practice, and wanted to learn and discover things by my own, based on my feelings only.

Today, I am ready to break new performance boundaries. I decided to use inCORPUS® to go to the next level. Now that I got a good understanding of my feelings, I want to measure, quantify, get tangible data for my coaches, avoid overtraining, and optimize performance. This also suits my mantra TO DO MORE WITH LESS, so I that I can go deeper without breathing, without fuel, without oxygene."

Thanks Alice for your trust, on behalf of the inCORPUS® TEAM!

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Alice Modolo
Freediving Champion